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Our locally grown flowers are available seasonally through the farmers market and at our roadside stand.

Haney Farmers Market

Join us at this lively Saturday morning market held in  Memorial Peace Park in Downtown Maple Ridge.  We'll be stocked with fresh flower bouquets and mason jar arrangements from July to October!

11925 Haney Place

Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 6G2


Roadside Stand

Visit our roadside stand on weekends in April-June. Stocked at 10 am each morning, you will find fresh-cut seasonal bouquets straight from the farm! As the season progresses in July-October the stand will be stocked with blooms throughout the week!


 Follow us on Instagram to see what's blooming! Cash in the secure box or e-transfer only. 

12707 256 Street

Maple Ridge, BC, V4R 1C2

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